What is Investor Conference?


Taiwan’s stock market funding sources can be divided into retail and institutional investors, the latter can be subdivided into three categories: foreign investors, investment trust and dealers. Because the three categories have large capital, investment expertise, and their investment decisions are more stable. In general, those institutional investors are more attractive and emphasized by listed companies. Listed companies launch an investor conference in every quarter or every six months, describe the company’s performance, financial forecasting, the company’s manager will also comment on the prospects for the industry. The research department of institutional investors have trained many professional analysts to study the prospects for listed companies, their operating conditions, and analyze all listed companies to give investment evaluation through financial statements. Therefore, investor conference has become the front line for listed company and professional analysts.  Investor conference become the most typical and most important social occasions for investor relations, large companies’s investor conference such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company(TSMC) has become a must attend event for semiconductor analysts and financial media. Because listed companies released earnings and operational forecasting will be the focus of the market, and the Q & A time allows the listed company’s senior executives such as chairman, president, chief financial officer directly faced investors and described the company’s operating status and expected opportunities. In recent years, due to the convenience of online internet, many large listed companies have adopted online investor conference, so investors around the world, though not in person, can be able to participate through the Internet. In June 6, 2014, Taiwan Stock Exchange also regulated listed company needs to upload the content of audio and video files on the Internet, in order to enhance the transparency of the information uncovered. In short, the investor conference provides a formal statement occasion for listed companies while enhances the company’s exposure. Listed companies are able to provide the company’s information to analysts and media as much as possible, in order to meet market expectation and credit. Analysts, media, investors also get a lot of investment idea from investor conference, and develop future expected stock price, so investor conference is an important investor relations activity for listed company.