Course introduction


Financial statement Analysis by using Excel

Learning how to use Excel to build financial model for predicting profit, capital budget and value. Let Excel to be one of your useful tools of valuable estimation and evaluation through practicing and demonstrating.

Communication skills helps you to realize and analysis a person during interview to improve your communication skills with different king of approaches. Moreover, learning how to create a warm atmosphere for understanding the technique of business conversation and present the value of the company.
Taiwan’s financial market and strategy our current market and business structures are changing rapidly and keep updating. Therefore, the abilities of financial management becomes a key factor of strategical decision making from corporations. This course aimed to financial trained worker to realize more efficiency in institutions, relationships and products. Also learning the operations and relative products from different departments such as leasing, bonds, stock and derivatives. It could support institutions to improve their operate efficiency and create their financial value.Markets and industries analysisOur course lead you to quickly obtained the business analysis model of the market. Moreover, introduce the elements, approaches and tools from market and institutions by using macro-perspective to combine with institution’s  value chains and marketing survey. Therefore,  the institution would lead to game right at the beginning when executing new product development, new business, and extension of new project.
Disclosure policies of company’s information learning “Taiwan information disclosure statement “which has been executed in recent years to realize the difference between  mandatory or voluntary information disclosure, therefore, investigate the effectiveness of company’s performance and value from information disclosure statement policies.  Finally, analysis the real situation in the market from results.Listed and OTC companies related policies our courses are mainly aimed to listed and OTC company to teach relative ethics and professional standard of internal trading and managing principle. Therefore,as the analysis and conversation from real case study,  we can  eliminate the risk of violation of policy’s trap.
Information demands from foreign analyst our course aimed to planning of Investor Relation strategy. Our professional foreign analyst will give lessons on data collection, translation(from data to report and opinion), evaluation on stock price and result transformation.Capital market research By studying our course, you can understand more about capital market and how to investigate effectively within the complicated institutional system which realize the trend of capitalized cost. After that, supporting your senior manager  by using information  of identification in market condition and environmental improvement to achieve the most effective cost control.

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