Investor relations services

• Investor Relations services are divided into two parts: consulting services, investor relations services
Counsel business executives and IR director, event planning, prepare and arrange IR related information and conference, provide research reports to help companies build high-quality, professional management of the IR, so as to increase the flow of information with outside companies and improve corporate transparency.
  • Investor Conference and financial statements project (four times a year)

We provide a full-service, covering English newsletter design and editing, press release, domestic investors and media contacts, shareholder structure analysis, investors and analysts invitation, prepare according to analysts FAQ topics of current concern and help enterprises to do sand table maneuver, the reception arrangements, video conference arrangements, investor’s pre and post-conference comments and other feedback.

  • Shareholders will prepare the project (once a year)

Assist English writing and editing to annual report and manual in shareholders conference, and update the content of IR website.

  • Investor Relations website Management

Support to plan, build and compose customized English IR website content and update based on customer business development.

  • Other investor relations activities

Including non-deal road show, investment forum, factory visit and other activities.

  • Investors knowledge research report

Identify the key factors affecting investor decisions, analyze investor expectations, observe the reaction of investor from a major announcement and conjunction with data analysis to help businesses understand the human mind and develop the optimization of investor communications strategy.

  • Investor interaction
Identify the focus of investors by shareholder structure analysis, strengthen ties and the flow of information to enhance corporate transparency; also invite other potential investors and referral business analysts to increase funding opportunities.

  • Investor Relations Management System

Provide consulting services to help businesses build or integrated IR management system, the system features including IR records and management, investor conference and shared calendars, contact investor and conference record, the transaction of investor institutions ownership and analyst reports, potential IR and IR knowledge management and so on.

  • Other services

Company Overview and Introduction writing in English or Chinese, IR-related mobile applications (IR Apps), financial modeling, newsletters, research and analysis of market trends and so on.