About us

Markis Capital Ltd established in July 2012, which is Taiwan’s first IR consulting and financial advisory firm. The founder, Teddy Tsai who is a senior research analyst with substantial capital markets experience. After return to Taiwan, He observed that Taiwan in many professional fields have the world’s leading companies, but the development of investor relations has lagged behind international standards, affecting international investor’s view on Taiwan’s companies, and is not conducive to the development of Taiwan in the international capital markets. Therefore he decided to upgrade Taiwanese enterprises to focus more on investor relations (Investor Relations, IR) and thus created Markis Capital Ltd.

We believe that 20-40% of company’s value depends on the awareness of capital market. IR plays a crucial role in enhancing the reputation of the company to capital markets. Unlike traditional IR Management which focuses on the interaction with media and passively communicate with capital markets, Markis Capital’s innovative models take investment circle as the core, carried out by leading investment firms and institutional investors and analysts interactive mode. At the same time, we measure the company’s fundamentals, so that investors can observe company informations from different angles, in order to facilitate the recognized strategic position. The ultimate goal is to optimize the potential value of the company and minimize the risk, such risk and usually comes from the excess expectation of the market.

When planning the implementation of investor relations, we will also take the company’s main stakeholder groups into consideration, including the media, consumers, business partners and employees. Organizational positioning (a) Markis Capital Ltd aims to integrate finance, communication, marketing, in compliance with the securities laws and regulations bridge a gap between investors and listed companies, in order to achieve fair value of the business on the stock market.

The company services are divided into four categories: investor relations consulting, M&A and strategic advisory, research services and training, ranging from services to education. Investor relations services and M&A advisory object contains all listed companies and companies which are going to initial public offering(IPO), mainly help enterprises to improve or build good investor relations management system, an effective acquisition strategy proposal and provide relevant research and analysis report (e.g. investor perspective studies, shareholder structure analysis, market research, etc.) and production of English presentation. In terms of financial training we target at corporate executives, employees, brokers and financial professionals or the public and provide consistent with the needs of their educational training.



(b)Philosophy and social responsibility:

Promote the spirit of Taiwan: To guide the professional investors understand Taiwan’s investment story, and then help Taiwanese companies to grow on the international stage.

No secrets to investing: To provide a good analysis report to the public, achieve information transparency, and through constant communication with investors can improve transparency and help investors make better investment decisions.

Professionalism and Innovation: We provide our expertise through the most professional training programs and outreach initiatives, in an effort to create value through innovation.

Attention to human capital: Through industry cooperation and  internship program to develop future IR industry professionals. Hold free seminars from time to time to the school, in addition to IR industry overview presentation, we also teach the knowledge of foreign investment institutions, so that students have a better understanding of IR .

Fulfill financial freedom: Provide the public wealth management related courses, teach basic investment concepts to help them establish the correct financial outlook, thereby helping the community in advance to achieve financial freedom and improve their quality of life.